Why the Pangasius?

Because of the increasing market and competition as a Tilapia fish farm, there are three options left:

  • • Do nothing: Keep the market like it is, and keep focusing on Tilapia and Shrimp.
  • • Protectionism and defamation: So far the results have been ineffective or only short-term.
  • • Trying to compete: Introducing the Pangasius into your farm.

So why should we introduce the Pangasius? At this moment, the most important aquaculture species are commercially:

  • • Shrimp and White Salmon
  • • Tilapia
  • • Pangasius


At this moment the Shrimp, White Salmon and Tilapia have been introduced in all parts of the world where growing environments are favorable with a favorable growing environment Pangasius is only produced in Asia but favorable conditions exist right here in the tropics. Which means that we can increase the export market right here.