Original Male Tilapia (OMT)

Brood stock

We sell YY males and breeding females for highly economic, hormone-free sustainable production. It is a breeding program that combines feminization and the evaluation of offspring to produce new males with YY genotype (i.e., with 2 male chromosomes) instead of the usual male genotype: XY. These YY males, known as "supermales," have the extraordinary ability of producing offspring with sex rates that exceed 98% male. These offspring are called Genetically Male Tilapia = Original Male Tilapia (OMT). They are genetically normal males. TIL-GEN offers YY males, which are proven to produce between 98-100% true males. It is TIL-GEN’s belief that economic characteristics should come from the maternal lines and the all male production using YY technology. Therefore, TIL-GEN developed two female lines:


A line of females which stand out in growth rate and feeding conversion. TIL-GEN offers them in red and black.


A line of females that is highly resistant to harsh circumstances, such as salt water and cold water, and to disease. They grow very fast and reach sexual maturity at a very early age. TIL-GEN offers this line in red and black.

Hatchery systems with high biosecurity

TIL-GEN designs and builds unique hatcheries with circulation systems. Full systems have been sold in Costa Rica, Mexico and Ecuador. By means of artificial incubation after egg harvesting, the systems increase hatch rates five times, compared to traditional systems. Our designs contribute to the sustainable and economically efficient production of fry, which reduces water consumption drastically.

  • Full consultation regarding incubation system set-up:
    • Design of full facilities and basic calculations.
  • Sale of equipment for incubation systems:
    • Full circulation systems.

  • Specialized feed for pre-starters:
    • COPPENS feed in several particle sizes, for fish from 0.015 grams, up to 15.0 to 25.0 grams.

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